SwitcHome.org is a non-profit association.
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SwitcHome was created in September 2002 by a team passionate about home exchange. SwitcHome has been the leader of free house exchange sites for more than 15 years!

Our goal is to gather, to connect people who are actively interested in the exchange of housing and to promote this type of accommodation for holidays, weekends ...

If you have questions, questions about our existence, our operation do not hesitate to contact us.

The advantages of SwitcHome.org

  1. Guaranteed answer in less than 36 hours to all your questions. 
  2. The site is 99% available per year. Our host has state-of-the-art machine rooms with multiple redundancy. 
  3. The only site to guarantee free registration for life. The free creation / modification of your ad, the exchange request, the email between members, the management of your reservations ... will always be free. 
  4. Unlimited access to your admin area to edit add or delete your data. 
  5. Ability to put as many ads as you own real estate to exchange. 
  6. You can add, delete as many photos as you want. 
  7. First-class security: your emails are hidden, your data is encrypted in our highly secure database. 
  8. The registration and the deposit of the advertisements are realizable simply. Let yourself be guided. 
  9. All SwitcHome.org administrators are passionate about home exchange. 
  10. SwitcHome.org is multilingual. Announcements from around the world are at your disposal. 

Everyone has access to ads. So your ad is even more likely to be read by a potential exchanger.

You can invest in SwitcHome.org: Translations, press relations, administration ... SwitcHome.org belongs to everyone.

There are only advantages and no inconvenience ... What do you risk? Join us !