Benefits of

Nov 26, 2017

The advantages of this formula are multiple:


You do not pay for rental housing or vehicles.
Your only expenses are those of the trip itself.
This means for you, the possibility to enjoy more of your holidays: restaurants, concerts, tours, excursions, shopping souvenirs, etc.
What's more frustrating than having to deprive yourself on vacation!


Your house or apartment does not remain vacant since your hosts are at home.
The risks of burglaries as well as water damage or other are avoided.
In addition, your insurer will also prefer to know that your home is not vacant. Protect your property and leave the peace of mind.


Benefit from all the goods made available by your hosts. You will not miss anything, and will have a lot of equipment that you would not have had in a rental or hotel, such as washing machine, television, barbecue, garden furniture, bicycles, camping equipment, etc.


Who will water your plants? Will feed the goldfish or canary? Will empty the mailbox?
So many small constraints that will no longer be necessary with this holiday formula.


Meet new people from the neighborhood or family of your hosts. Open to the culture of this country or region and take advantage of these contacts to enrich yourself.

Does this formula carry risks?

There is no more risk than when you invite friends to your home. As the exchange of housing is mutual and reciprocal, everyone strives to take care of the housing exchanged. Do not forget that while they are at home, you are at home! Better: the experience in the exchange of housing shows that precisely everyone redoubles precautions. So you do not have to worry about theft or damage.