How to contact a listing

Don’t wait to be approached! Send a message, or several, to various members to increase your chances of organising a house swap. How do you do it….?

  • At the bottom of each listing there is a tool box, click on “Contact this member”.

    Boite outils

  • A new page will open.

    Formulaire contact

    Fill in the form with your name, your email address, the number of your listing if you have one and then send your message. You will receive confirmation that the email has been received. Sit back and wait for the reply!
    If a new page does not appear it is because your internet browser does not accept pop ups (Google or Yahoo toolbar or even the browser itself). To rectify this you should change the setting to allow your browser to accept SwitcHome pop ups.
  • A message will confirm that your email has been sent:
    Your message has been sent to the member
  • Check your inbox for confirmation that your message has been sent.

If you have not received email confirmation it means that the person you are trying to contact has not received your message.
This is probably due to the set up of your antivirus or firewall. To be sure that this is the cause of the problem temporarily deactivate one after the other and try again. Try to do a test reply to your own listing as this will not be of any inconvenience to anyone.
If an INTERNAL ERROR window appears, clear the cache from your browser.
Please have the courtesy to reply to all exchange requests you receive, even if the answer is no. If you do not reply you run the risk of having your account cancelled.