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To create your account and your listing(s), follow our step by step guide. A new window will open to enable you to refer to this guide.

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(If you need help please consult the FAQ section of this site or send an email to one of the following addresses:

  • Read the SwitcHome charter and agree to the terms and conditions:> in order to proceed we ask that you read the registration terms and conditions: Registration (2 min). If you agree to the conditions of the charter you can become a member.
  • Register as a member: begin by registering as a member. Please note that all sections marked with an asterisk * are compulsory. At this stage you will not be asked for any details concerning the property you wish to swap.

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  • Please make a note of your account name and password to enable you to return to your account at a later date. You will, however, receive email confirmation of your registration details. The next step will take a while to complete (property description), please note that you can stop the process at any time and return at a later date.
  • Add a listing:

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    to create one or more listings (one listing per property) go to the add a listing page.

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Describe the accommodation on offer as accurately and honestly as possible. Do not forget to add comments about the surrounding areas. When completed, click on “Send”.
A new page will appear asking if you wish to add photos which will greatly enhance the appeal of your listing.

Online help will enable you to adjust your photos so they conform to the required format (jpg; width: 640; resolution: 72dpi; compression: 40%; size: 100kb). You can add up to ten photos. Using the “browse” button find the photos you wish to upload from your computer. Please note that each photo will be numbered – the lower the number the higher it will be positioned on the listing. You can add a subtitle and a short description for each photo by way of explanation. For each photo click on “Update”. In contact with prospective exchangers you can elaborate on the best features of your accommodation and location and send additional photos. You can also add a panoramic photo to serve as a virtual tour.

  • After your first listing has been completed, it will be sent to a SwitcHome administrator who will check that there are sufficient details, that the date format is correct and that the email address given is valid.
    If the correct details have been provided your listing will be activated and viewable on the site (generally within a maximum of 12 hours, depending on the availability of the volunteer administrators).
  • Check your listing regularly to see if you have received any communication from SwitcHome. (It is our only way of contacting you should your email address be incorrect!)
  • In order to edit your listing click on Edit my listing

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