The many advantages of house swapping:


You will not have to pay to rent accommodation nor to hire a car should you choose to swap vehicles.

Your only expenses will be those relating to your travel.

This means that the money saved can go towards making the most of your holiday, you can splash out on restaurants, concerts, sightseeing, days out and souvenirs.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to be careful with your money on holiday!

Home Security

Your house or flat will not be unoccupied whilst you are away because your hosts are at your home.

Your insurer normally prefers that your home remains occupied as the risk of a break in is greatly decreased and practicalities such as burst pipes can be avoided or dealt with promptly.

You can go on holiday with the peace of mind that your home is being looked after.


You will benefit from everything that your hosts have left for your use – the comfort of a fully equipped home. You will be able to make use of all sorts of equipment which you may not have at your disposal within a hotel or holiday let such as a washing machine, barbecue, garden table and chairs, bicycles, camping equipment etc.


Who will water your plants whilst you are away? Who will feed the goldfish or the canary? Who will empty the letter box or pick up mail?

With a house swap these simple tasks could be undertaken by the ‘residents’, as long as they give their consent.


Make friends among the family, neighbours and friends of your hosts. Let yourself be absorbed into the culture of the country or region in which you are staying and make the most of these contacts to enhance your holiday experience.

What are the risks involved in house swapping?

The risk involved is no greater than if you were having your friends to visit. House swapping, by its very nature, is reciprocal and everyone involved is keen to take care of their surroundings. Try and remember that whilst you are staying in their home they are staying in yours - they are just as wary of looking after your property and belongings in the appropriate manner as you are! In fact, when it comes to swapping your home, ‘swappers’ seem to pay twice as much attention when looking after other peoples possessions.